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Mental health Resources & Information

When asking a friend is just not enough

I work in the mental health field, read a lot of books, and am always on social media. If I find anything I feel would be cool or helpful to share, ill post it here. If you have any helpful resources that you would like to share please hit the contact tab and let me know. 


Workbooks & Freebies 

Online Meeting

Limiting Beliefs Worksheet

Identify, eliminate, and replace limiting beliefs 

Social Anxiety Workbook

All the techniques & strategies you need to overcome your anxiety.


Stress Reduction


In the practice of mindfulness meditation, one can cultivate the sense of oneself as a present moment awareness that observes the thoughts that arise in the mind and views them as something to be noted, perhaps responded to, but not to be identified with as "me."

Affirmations Journal

Learn the basics to practicing affirmations

Growth Mindset Tips

Mindset hack info sheet

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