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The time to invest in yourself is now! Life is too short to be unhappy. You have been doing everything for everyone else and now it's time to do you. Let's slay those feelings of self-doubt, guilt, stress, and be the best version of ourselves.

A mental health coach works collaboratively with his or her clients to uncover the beliefs, blocks, behaviors, habits, and patterns of thinking that prevent them from living the life or creating the business they desire. 

This is a casual mental health empowerment podcast where we learn to be comfortable with our imperfect selves. We share life stories and everyday experiences with mental health, family, relationships, parenting, and work. Listen as we exchange stories of struggles we've had and how we overcame them. 

Read some honest stories where I disclose some personal stuff I am dealing with. The aim of the blog is to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. We want to have raw discussions of everyday life challenges while also offering some good to know information.

What is mental health coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process that quickly identifies stuck points in our beliefs, creates fast solutions, sustains positive change, and increases overall self-esteem for the future.


Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership that inspires clients to maximize their personal potential, often unlocking previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, communication, and goal accomplishment.


A mental health coach works collaboratively with his or her clients to uncover the beliefs, blocks, behaviors, habits, and patterns of thinking that prevent them from living the life they desire. Taking these insights into what makes their client tick, the coach uses a range of reprogramming techniques to banish those blocks and replace them with ones that serve the client. As a trained and licensed clinician. I will pull from different approaches based on motivational interviewing and the cognitive-behavioral model.  

How is coaching different than therapy?

Therapy is often closely related to coaching but has different processes and intentions. Mental health therapy is used to treat mental health symptoms through psychotherapeutic methods and to help clients achieve and maintain baseline. Psychotherapy can include the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other diagnosable conditions. Only therapists and counselors are qualified to determine and diagnose mental illnesses. Therapy supports those experiencing psychological anguish so acutely that it gets in the way of everyday life.

Therapy works with the past to process healing, whereas coaching takes off where therapy ends, to guide clients toward future goals and forward-based actions and strategies. Although, I am a licensed mental health therapist, at this time am only practicing coaching and our relationship will not be a therapist-client relationship. If at any time something comes up that I feel would benefit from therapeutic treatment, we can discuss a plan at that time.  I will still always pull from my experience to give you the best info, tips, and advice as needed as your coach.

PLAN 1:Clarity Sesh

So it would help if you had someone to talk to about something that has been on your mind lately. Let's connect and brainstorm together. Sometimes it's better to get opinions from someone who is neutral. 


  • 60-minute individual session via phone or video conference

  • Goal mapping/Assessment

  • Focus on achieving your most important goal.

  • Follow up email

PRICE: $130

PLAN 2:Spark Pack

It's the transformation! 

You are past the talking stage with your relationship with yourself. You are ready to figure s**t out. Let's work on some of the hard stuff regarding core beliefs and mindset. One-month coaching package.


  • 4   60-minute Individual coaching sessions (weekly)

  • Identifying your core personal values and beliefs

  • Recognizing and challenging limiting beliefs

  • Explore where these limiting beliefs are coming from

  • Develop a personal action plan

PRICE: $400

PLAN 3: Journey Package 

Green flags everywhere! We are journey besties figuring life out. You understand that transformation is a journey that takes time and you are ready to invest in yourself. You've been wanting to create change for some time and are all in for YOU. I will be your accountability buddy, cheerleader, and help unpack that load that you've been carrying on your shoulders. Lets do this!


  • 8  60- Minute Individual Coaching Sessions (weekly for 2 months)

  • Everything from Clarity, everything Spark Package

  • PLUS text support between sessions

  • Free E-Books and other super useful goodies

  • Free 30 min. accountability check-in a month post-coaching (a $65 value!)

  • Hugely discounted coaching sessions. Who doesn't like a deal?

  • The inner transformation you have been wanting and waiting for!

PRICE: $750

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