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Embracing Change: 5 Bold Moves for a Transformational Year

Making small changes can lead to larger victories.

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Hello readers! My goal this year is to journal more for self-care. Initially I thought about doing it daily but not sure that’s too realistic. I already missed several days. So it’s the new year and with that, it’s time to reevaluate where life is going. I started thinking about my 2024 goals on New Year’s Eve and what I want to work on in all aspects of my life: personally, professionally, health-wise, etc . I wrote it down in my planner. I feel like as I’ve gotten older the need to become more organized has gotten so much more important. I don’t know if it’s an age thing, anxiety, work-life schedule, or what it is. I feel like my mind is constantly going 100mph and it’s become harder and harder to focus on everything I need/ want to do. It is important to remember thought to be kind to yourself and know that life isn't perfect. There's going to be days where you aren't going to be productive, self-caring, and that's okay. Just do the best you can and whatever makes you happy. You dont have to write it out. Here are some of the things I have done so far to help me start the new year:

Writing on paper: I decided to go back to having a paper planner where I can have everything written down in front of me. This past year I used an app as my planner where I put everything down. It was convenient but at the same time, I wasn’t really looking at it as often as I should. Having an actual physical planner in front of me helps me have a visual of everything going on. I have important dates and deadlines but also able to cross things out. Writing things out on paper sort of helps declutter my mind and free up mental space. This has definitely been a game changer in helping reduce the overwhelming feeling of having too much on my plate. It has also helped provide a break from my phone screen and allowed me to focus on the task at hand.

Habit trackers: More visuals. I started using a mood tracker and a habit tracker that I check off everyday to help me stay accountable with things like working out. So it looks like a list with 7 boxes next to each item on the list that you mark for each day that of the week that you complete that task. I started using colorful markers too to spice it up. By the end of the week, a habit tracker helps by giving me a visual of how I am doing on my goal and can help me see where I can make improvements. It can help track progress over time and also help with preventing me from feeling overwhelmed.

Electrolytes: One of my goals is to drink more water. I have always had a huge addiction to coke so whenever I have something to eat, I crave a cup of coke with ice. Water is just so blah and no flavor. So one thing that I’ve been doing lately is adding a packet of Liquid IV to my water. It’s basically a powder mix that you add to your water to not only give it taste but also replenish your body with electrolytes for hydration. When we engage in physical activities, we lose electrolytes through our sweat. By replenishing electrolytes, I ensure that my body stays properly hydrated, preventing things like fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches.

Sleep: Another area that I struggle with is sleep. I work nights and so usually when I get home, I stay up late on my phone watching TikTok videos or lives. I end up falling asleep really late and waking up really late. This often causes me to skip the gym in the morning because I am so tired. I have decided to limit my phone use when I get home from work. Like really forcing myself to just set my alarms and putting my phone on the nightstand. Not going to lie, this has been really hard for me but at least I've cut it down a few days out of the week.

Cookbook: I recently tried a new healthy recipe that I found online and was so proud of myself for trying something different. In the past when I’ve tried to eat healthier, I was meal prepping chicken, rice, and veggies. But healthy eating doesn’t have to be this boring or bland. This year I want to try new recipes while also eating healthier. This is also hopefully going to help me spend less money on door dash food orders. So all around a positive. I decided to order a healthy recipes cookbook to start. So far I've completed a few recipes and it helps give me ideas that I wouldn't have thought about.

It’s only the start of the new year and there’s going to be challenges along the way but that’s ok. Small changes will go a long way in helping achieve my 2024 goals. I hope to stay consistent and have a positive update in a few months. If you are setting your own goals or making changes to your routine, remember to be gentle with yourself. Start off small achievable steps rather than large overwhelming steps. Aim to change behaviors a few days out of the week rather than everyday for example. Whatever you decide to do or not to do, I wish you the best on your self-improvement for success.

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